God has uniquely designed you to serve in His Church.  At Go Church, we love to help people discover the best possible team for them to serve on.  To do this, there are three steps to this process:

1. Help us understand your S.E.R.V.E. personality.  Each of us is designed differently and we use the acronym S.E.R.V.E. to better understand those differences.  S.E.R.V.E. stands for: Spiritual Gifts, Experiences, Relational Style, Vocational Skills and Enthusiams.  Watch this video for more on this:

2. Part of our Serve Team will contact you with some service options for you to check out.  They will connect you with the right people to help your transition onto a ministry team in our church community. 

3. Periodically, our Serve Team will ask for some meaningful feedback.  This will help us in making sure that you've found the ministry team that you will thrive with. 

Please fill out the following survey so that we help you connect to meaningful service today!

Spiritual Gifting
Spiritual Gifting
If you are unsure of your spiritual gifting, please complete this online assessment: www.gifttest.org/survey/
Prophecy: Sin is exposed and relationships are restored.
Serving: Driven to demonstrate love by meeting practical needs.
Teaching: Passionate about discovering and validating truth.
Exhorting (Encourager): Wants to see believers grow in spiritual maturity.
Giving: Wants to use financial resources wisely in order to give to meet the needs of others.
Organizing: Able to accomplish tasks and solve problems through analysis and delegation.
Mercy: Sensitive to the emotional and spiritual needs of others.
Tell us about some life experiences that have shaped you:
Relational Style
Check the boxes that best describe you:
Tell us about some skills that you have learned, whether through formal education or other means (In other words - what are you good at?):
Tell us about some things that you really love:
Ministry Interests
Check off the ministries at Go Church that you have special interest in: