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New Here?


New Here?

our story

In 2015, Christian Church in the Wildwood was led by the Spirit to plant a church. They didn't know where it would be and who would lead it but it was clear that God wanted them to join in His world-changing mission by making this happen.

On May 8th, 2016, Go Church was born.  Go Church, Spring Hill is a Christian Church planted by Christian Church in the Wildwood with the same mission - " to Go and Make Disciples of all nations" (Matt 28:18 - 20). 

From the start, we wanted to help create a Church that wasn't just a great experience on Sunday, but a community of people that lived on mission for God. We started meeting in a small building on the CCW campus that May and on October 16th, 2016 God gave us the incredible opportunity to move to Deltona Elementary School.

God has begun a great work in us and in Spring Hill, Florida. He is making all things new in the world and we don't want to miss it. At Go Church, our vision is to "Join God in making all things new."  We passionately live out this mission and vision both individually and as a Church family. Come join us as we join God in making all things new.


The Team

Meet Our All-Star Team

The Team

Meet Our All-Star Team

The Team

Go Church is an Elder-led community.  This means that our Eldership team wades in and does real ministry, directs the path of the Church, and pastors its people.  Our Eldership team:

John & Marietta DiRienzo Elder

Why Go Church? We chose Go Church because we wanted to challenge ourselves with making more Disciples for Christ!

My Family: My wife and I, Marietta, have been married for over 40 years! We have 2 sons, Dean and Michael who are both married with 2 children!

Favorite Hobby's: I love to play golf, swim, read, and watch old movies.


Jim & Danielle Redmile         Elder

Why Go Church? We believe (me, my wife and my two boys) that we were called by God to move on to Go Church, the CCW church plant. We knew it would be a challenge, but we're glad we're on this ride!

My Family: My family is made up of myself, my wife (Danielle), and my two sons: Luke and Zeke. 

Favorite Hobby's: Crossfit, cold case podcasts, skateboarding (just starting) .


Go Church has several vocational ministers on the team:

Jake & Jami Gibbs    Lead Minister

Why Go Church? God has been bothering me with church planting for 10 years and I finally started to listen.It has been at the same time one of the riskest and most fufilling adventures I have ever said yes to. Im excited to see where God leads this incredible group of people next!

My Family: I have been married to my beautiful wife Jami for over a decade and we are blessed with 3 beautiful children Genesis, Gracen, and Jude. We are prayfully considering adopting some more.

Favorite Hobby's: I love play-time with the kids, a good movie, video games, blank canvas or just some old-fasion peace and quiet.

Contact Me:                      352.596.1388 (ext.244)


Joshua & Jenette McGrew   Associate Minister/Family Minister

Why Go Church? I was able to be a part of the conception and launch of the Go Church adventure from the beginning.  I had been in the same church community my entire life, but when this opportunity came along it was clear that the Spirit of God had something new in store for me!

My Family: I have a lovely wife, Jenette, who is both gorgeous and kind-hearted.  I also have a horde of children (four) that span a decade in age. 

Favorite Hobby: I love board games (Orleans, Smash Up, and City of Iron)!  My wife tells me that we're out of room, but I always find a place to store a new one.

Contact me:                                     (352) 596-1388 (ext.227)

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Mikey & Emily Flores   Worship Minister

Why Go Church? I chose Go Church because I loved the model of the church. I thought it was great to be part of a church plant that was based on making disciples and doing God's work. Since saying yes to following Jesus on this adventure he has changed my life for the better! 

My Family: I have a beautiful wife, Emily, who has been by my side since we were in high school! Since then we have served together for many years. We also have a beautiful little girl, Charlotte, who brightens our day!

Favorite Hobby's: Reading, singing, video & board games, & playing music.



And we couldn't accomplish Jesus' mission without the help of all of our awesome Team Members:


Join us for The celebration

Sunday 10:30am-11:45am, Deltona Elementary School

2055 Deltona Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34606