We Love Your Kids

We may not have met them yet, but we already love your children!  We're already praying that God will guide them to love Him and to love others!  The Go Kids' team is joining God in this goal in two ways:

  1. By creating a safe environment where your child can discover Jesus and other adults who love and care for them.
  2. By partnering with you, offering the guidance and support you need to disciple them throughout the week.

Go Kids

Go Kids is the Birth-5th Grade ministry at Go Church, Spring Hill.  Each week we offer these children lessons and activities designed to engage them in the Word of God in a safe and loving environment.

Family Worship: At Go Church, we believe that you have the primary spiritual influence in your child's life.  For this reason, we are committed to family worship for Elementary-age students.  This means that you will sign your children in at a Go Kids' station before service begins, bring them into celebration with you, worship and pray together.  Before the teaching begins, we have a clear release time where our team will walk your children to their Go Kids' classroom so that they can learn God's Word in an environment designed for them!

Holistic Curriculum: In Go Kids, we use the same Bible text that is studied by the adults each week. Your children will learn God's Word through creative learning activities that engage all of their senses for a meaningful experience.  Our hope is that even from a young age, they start living out the Biblical principles they learn each week!

New Families

Dropping your children off in a new environment can be a scary experience.  We work to ease those fears by creating a safe and secure environment.  Some of the steps that we take in Go Kids are:

  • Secure Sign In: Each week, your child will be signed into Go Kids and you will receive two stickers: one for you and one for your child.  These stickers mean that only you can pick up your child from Go Kids and that they will not be released to anyone else.
  • Trained Team: Each of our team members is background checked and trained before they serve your family.
  • Allergy Warnings: Every week, we post allergy warnings at our Go Kids sign-in area to keep your children healthy!
  • Behavior Guidelines: We have a very clear Discipline Policy that we follow to ensure that your child and all other children in Go Kids receive the love and safety that they deserve. 

Resources and Contact Info

We're always on the lookout for people who love God and love kids.  If you're interested in becoming a part of the Go Kids' team, please fill out this Application and Background Check and drop it off at a Go Kids' Station. Can't access this on your own?  No problem - just ask us for a printed copy! 

If you have any questions about Go Kids, please contact the Go Kids' leader:

Joshua McGrew