DNA : Live on Mission

This Church planting thing is hard, but this Church planting thing is worth it.


I think one of the hardest things we will ever learn how to do together is to LIVE ON MISSION.

How to actually share the good new of Jesus Christ with people that don't know about the great love. If we actually get that figured out, if we learn how to actually bring people out of the darkness and into the light, if we learn how to actually bring people to Jesus we will have done something that few churches have learned to do. If we figure this out, we will be unstoppable.


Did you know that

•61% of Christians haven’t shared their faith in the last 6 months.

•79% of Christians haven’t invited someone to church in the last year.

•98% of Christians do not witness to nonbelievers weekly

•95% of Christians have never led another person to Christ.



This core value we have to LIVE ON MISSION is hard, but it is worth it!

One of the lessons I've learned this year with you at Go Church is that the way God made me to connect and minister to others is not exactly what works for everybody.


The mission of the Church, The great commission, hasn't changed but the strategy is always changing. The strategy that has worked for me in the past is always changing and evolving. I have to continue to figure out what will work best for me and the people in my life to get them to Jesus.



what is your plan?

What is your strategy to LIVE ON MISSION?

How do you plan to change the statistics and lead someone to Christ?


We are created for this movement and purpose. You need movement to be alive.

You need rhythm to truly live.


You need a rhythm of filling up with the good news of Jesus, and a rhythm of pouring out into people with Love.


You need to Breathe In. Breathe in the true love of our Father in heaven.

Then you need to Breathe out. Breathe out the love you have received to people in your life.


Maybe that should be your plan.

Maybe that should be your strategy.

LIVE ON MISSION by breathing in the good news of Jesus Christ, the Love of the father, then breathe out and go to people in your life and love and invest in them.


Breathe in the Gospel. In fact be DRIVEN BY THE GOSPEL.

So that you can breathe out and LIVE ON MISSION.

I think some of your strategy must have awareness, Intentionality, and movement.



Have enough awareness to see the people that are already in your life that need to good news of Jesus Christ. There are tons of opportunities right under your nose. Listen to what is around you. Look at the ponds in your life. Who is in your life? Start praying for the people that are the closest to you and them move toward those that are furthest away.




Maybe even start with “How to make new friends 101”

I want to clarify that to LIVE ON MISSION isn't having the right christian words to say in the moment, its better to just make friends and have some common ground so you can build a relationship that will last long past the conversations that will come. Go make some new friends.




Then be intentional and focus on a few.

Let them know you love them before you speak truth in their life. Start with listening. Ask lots of questions. By asking lots of questions you will see where your opening is to talk about Jesus and even if you don't see it right away, all your questions will help you get to know these people better. They will feel like you actually care about them because the conversations are all about them because you keep asking questions.




Great place to start. Great way to LIVE ON MISSION.

Breathe in the Good new of Jesus, let him give you the confidence to talk about him, Breathe in Jesus, let him give you the words and the actions.


Then Go, then move.


We are going to spend a lot of time this coming year talking about how best to accomplish this mission together.  I’m excited for February to talk about Love at length and how we can LOVE Spring Hill.


This Church planting thing is hard, but this church planting thing is worth it.