Charles Swindoll comments, “News articles may inform us. Novels may inspire us. Poetry may enrapturee us. But only the living, active Word of God can transform us.”


At Go Church we believe the gospel is so good that it is the driving force behind all of what we do. The gospel is what motivates us to do what we do. There are plenty of things that motivate a church, you could be driven by guilt or fear, driven by obligation or personal glory. The church will never go very far unless it is motivated by the love of Jesus Christ. When you look at Jesus and comprehend what he has done for us, it drives us to love in return. It drives us to love God and love others. If we are motivated by love we will go further and deeper then we ever could have imaged. The gospel is the gas in the tank needed to accomplish our mission the great commission. The gospel is the message we carry to every person and nation of the world. The very heart beat of this church is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We don't have ANYTHING if we don't have the gospel. Our house is built on the gospel which is the rock that stands against the storm.


The gospel is the message we share and is used to motivate us to accomplish the great commission but it does more than that. The Bible is a collection of stories that all point to Jesus and what he did for us. This is good news for all people. The good news or gospel is more than just good news.

This gospel is like a sword:

The gospel divides soul and spirit, divides joints and marrow.The gospel is the only set of words that when read are also reading us back. The gospel will speak to the heart and transform the way we think about our lives and the world around us. Be careful what you read you will be cut to the heart.

The gospel is like a quilt:

Each patch on a quilt has its own design, and all the patches together make an overall design. Each patch is securely sewn to near by patches to create unity and strength in the whole. The same is true of the Bible. Each part has its own message, but each part complements the others without clash or contradiction. They join together and combine into the overall message of God's beautiful plan for mankind.

The gospel is like a bird's feather:

A feather is a work of art when seen from afar or close up. From a distance a feather looks simple yet graceful, but, when examined under a microscope, it is amazingly complex. At the same time, God's Word is a plethora of patterns and details that interface and interlock with perfect harmony.

This gospel is like The Ocean:

There are places in the ocean where even the smallest child can get their feet wet and play at the shore. There are also places in the ocean a diver can go deeper and deeper, one new world of wonder after another opens up to view. Likewise, casual Bible readers enjoy the familiar messages near the surface. Those who delve deeper discover new wonders that, while not as familiar, are perfectly designed and delightful.

This gospel is like an operation manual:

How many of us make serious mistakes trying to operate a machine without reading the manual. God provided an instruction manual for the humans He created. (He also offers service and repairs for when we are broken or dysfunctional, but that's another story.) The truth is that the Creator knows better than anyone else how we are supposed to live, but we try to operate our lives without reading the manual.


We are so blessed to have the gospel to do the work we have been called and created for. We cannot accomplish our mission with out it!

At Go Church we have some great ways for you to stay connected to the gospel.

We have been reading through the Bible together using an outline provided by TheRead Scriptureapp & website, and content from The Bible Project. I am so grateful for the videos that provide a great summary of the books of the bible and the overall message of the gospel. Don't miss these great tools to help you live a life Driven by the Gospel.


There are plenty of things that will motivate you in life. but remember there is nothing that will give you more energy and purpose then the gospel, the good news of the love of Jesus Christ that is for all people.